Launchpad Day coming up soon

Launchpad Day // Get it right from the start – 2nd of May at 1pm-4pm @ DIGS.

At Launchpad Day, startups and creatives get access to a group of highly committed and competent people from leading companies in Trondheim. We currently cover law, design, IPR, accounting, economy and banking. We also invite relevant guests to join.

You can book a 30 min one-on-one meeting with an expert, for hands-on problem solving and to-the-point input. The goal is to accelerate your idea, project or business! If the one-on-one meetings get fully booked, members of DIGS and Work-Work will be prioritised.

Sign up for the one-on-one meetings with Eggs Design, Acapo, DNBSpareBank1 Regnskapshuset SMN, Arntzen de Besche and Innovasjon Norge Trøndelag.

Launchpad Day happens first Tuesday every month!

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