The awaited Heat Experience

Rasmus Fannemel and Emil Espnes Asbjørnslett. Photo: DIGS

The Norwegian winter is seriously setting in, with – 11 °C yesterday, and well planned the Startup Heat Experience just launched their battery heated insoles on (DNBs platform for crowdfunding).

They set a target of 30.000 NOK, but already after 12 hours they had reached 100.000 NOK in support (and it’s still increasing!). With 29 days still left of the campaign, we wanted to ask their Product Designer, Rasmus Fannemel a few (cliché) questions:

What do you feel now?
– First of all, a little relieved. We have spent some time on building the campaign, and were excited to see how well it would be received. We had high expectations, but even those were bypassed.

What separates your insoles from the others?
– We have focused on comfort, not just the heating elements, as well as ergonomics, the insoles should be comfortable inside the shoes even for longer walks. It has better cushioning than what we’ve seen before!

Any new products coming up?
– We already have some prototypes of gloves, a thinner sweater and pants to wear over/under ski clothes, for instance in the ski slopes. We’re also working on optimizing clothing for the labor industry. This is a cooperation with SINTEF, Trønder Energi and Innovasjon Norge, to get the best products possible, and making the project best suited for realization.


Update: the campaign is now closed, and the final results were 1618% of the target, making a total of 485.614 NOK. Congratulations!


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