Get ready to TEAMUP


DIGS are hosting our TEAMUP #5 and are excited to announce the startups, and positions they want YOU to fill:

Assistep AS

was until last fall a member of DIGS. They are now a team of five represented by Halvor Wold, and has their office at Lade. They are looking for: Digital marketing, SEO, Web development, Content creation with the following skills:
• Competence within digital marketing and web-development
• Good communication skills
• Execution oriented
• Positive attitude and easily adaption to new challenges
• Friendly and trustworthy

Diginnovate AS

is an early phase healthtech company, represented by Sylvia Brudeli. They want to help reducing the dependents sense of inadequacy and bad conscience regarding elderly and disabled people living at home, using technology. They are looking for part-time: Frontend developer, a backend developer, and a UX-designer with the following skills:

  • Desire to “create”, and make a difference. Using technology to improve health services.
  • Looking for a “leisure activity». Together trying to create our own workplaces, while having a lot of fun and getting valuable experience.

    Backend Developer:
  • Education within computer science. Specialized within backend technologies. Having a strong knowledge and opinion about what technologies to use to achieve our goals.
  • Being a «holistic thinker».  Being able to envision a holistic long-term architecture, while at the same time facilitate the flexibility of changing needs when learning through a Lean development process. “Build-Measure-Learn”.
  • Multidisciplinary teams. See the value of multidisciplinary product teams, and “loves” to work closely with both UX-designers, graphical designers, frontend developers and product managers.


  • Education within human-computer interaction, interaction design.
  • Experience conducting qualitative user research, like contextual user interviews and usertesting, to get insight about targeted users.
  • Experience analyzing qualitative user insight, transforming the insight into great UX-sketches, showing the suggested functionality.

Frontend Developer

  • Education within computer science. Specialized within web-development. Experience within iOs and Android as well, would be beneficial. Having a strong knowledge and opinion about what technologies to use to achieve our goals.
  • Scrum master experience. Enjoy facilitating the development process, see the value of multidisciplinary product teams, and “loves” to work closely with both UX-designers, graphical designers, backend developers and product managers.
  • Webanalytics experience. Experience with implementation of logging events within Google Analytics or other similar tools.


(pronounced “current”) is developing an innovative solution for energy recovery for ships. Represented by Kim Sedgwick, located at NTNU Accel in Trondheim. They are looking for: Engineering, sales personell with the following skills:

  • quality outputs
  • attention to detail
  • innovative
  • adaptive
  • engineering proficiency (where applicable)

Headshed Cube

is a full-featured tool for sales, telemarketing and call centers. The team of 7 people is represented by Torbjørn Slørdal, with office in midtown Trondheim. They are looking for: a full stack developer with the following skills:

  • collaborative – must enjoy working in a team
  • developer with more interest in clean code,  design principles and automated testing than creating “hello world” with the latest framework
  • enjoy talking to users about what they need – and know that we often need to as “5 whys” to get to the core
  • fast learner
  • interested in working full stack – and do what is needed to get things done


is developing an interactive learning arena for well-being, self-esteem and motivation. Their office is in midtown Trondheim and the team is represented by Marianne Johnsen. They are looking for people in the areas of: Developer, Teaching/Psychology/Life Mastering, Sales/Marketing, and Economics/Business development with the following skills:

  • You believe loneliness, bullying and lack of motivation are social issues that must be solved
  • You have an entrepreneurial and business oriented mindset and you want to change the world
  • You are a great communicator and you are easy to reach
  • You are a team player and know how to both collaborate and work independantly
  • You see the neccessary tasks, know how to prioritise and you get things done

Relevant technologies: React, Mongodb, CSS, NodeJS, Docker, GIT version control tool.


provides real time sentiment analytics for sport and politics. The service is currently being developed by AskMary Technology AS in cooperation with TV2 Norway. Represented by Thor Richard Isaksen, they are looking for: developer, business developer/product manager with the following skills:

  • Developer: Fluent in Java and/or Javascript.
  • Product Manager/Business Developer: Interested in Live TV and Sports
  • Eager learner
  • Good understanding of social media dynamics


is developing a sensor for continuous blood glucose monitoring. The team represented by Nicolas Elvemo has office at Gløshaugen in Trondheim. They are looking for: Senior hardware engineer, Senior software engineer, Senior test engineer, Senior organic chemist, Clinical researcher/PhD, Technician with the following skills (focusing on the Clinical researcher/PhD): 

  • Clinical background (physician, nurse, etc)
  • Problem solver
  • Independent
  • Passionate
  • Research and clinical experience is a big plus


is a startup which develop technology for streamingservices. Represented by Ewald Bos, they are currently getting ready for their first commercial delivery during spring. They are looking for: IOS developer, junior developer with the following skills:

  • Objective-C with Apple XCode (additional Swift knowledge would be a plus)
  • experience with AV Foundation Framework
  • great understanding of REST webservices with Azure
  • knowledge of the Apple Core Video and Apple TV
  • several created apps that can be presented (or downloaded)
  • Visual Studio 2017 with ASP.NET MVC 5
  • T-SQL AZURE with Web service
  • Client scripting programming/scripting technologies(CSS3/HTML5/Javascript/JQUERY)
  • Usage of Source Control System Visual Studio Team Services
  • Experience with with UI Testing and Live Unit Testing would be a great plus


The project DRIV helps to plan how to run your company by finding the right financial solutions. With office at NTNU Accel in Trondheim, the team is lead by Thomas Valsø Solberg. They are looking for: FullStack CloudNative developer for K8S architecture and GoLang, Python and React with the following skills:

  • Passionate about app development for web and mobile
  • Familiar with containerized architecture and cloud native
  • Thrives in a designdriven, X-functional team
  • Hopelessly curious about the future for tech and dev
  • Think that work is something more than “just something you do before dinner”
  • Relevant tech: K8s, React, GoLang, NATS, React Native, Python, Redux, Protobuf, GitLab


Remember to book your free ticket via HOOPLA and attend the Facebookevent to let the companys know you are coming.
See you there!


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