The Heat is back


In November we wrote about DIGS member Heat Experience, and their crowdfunding campaign at Back then they really hit the jackpot, ending the campaign at 1618% of the target, making a total of 485.614 NOK.

Now they are back with a new campaign, and a new product. After two years of sales, development and customer contact, the team realized that cold hands is an overall problem. Batteryheated gloves is the new hype, and in September they might be in/on your hands.

With a vision to be the leading supplier of batteryheated garments, the team still remains honest about what their products can, and cannot do. They even have a own paragraph in their campaign saying that “honesty last the longest”.

At the moment the campaign has been running for 15 hours, and has allready made 57% of the target. We hope this campaign is just as successful as the previous one, and just a little bit more.

Update: the campaign is now closed, and ended at 543 % of the the target, making a total of 163.061 NOK.

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