Meet the pitching companys

TEAMUP #6 is closing in, and we now have the pleasure of introducing the pitching companies. If you still haven’t booked your ticket, do it now.



Hoopit is creating an app and web application for an easier way to operate sports clubs! The app makes it easy to have control of attendance, distribute information and also removes the need for payment reminders. In the long term, we strive to create a future where sports can be free to attend and enjoy! Seeking Fullstack developer, iOS developer, Android developer, Project leader with the following skills:

– Social
– Engaged
– Independent
– Structured

– Experience within iOS or Android development.
– Interested in cross discipline technology from fintech to machine learning.
– Take pride in maintainability, readability and quality of code.
– You stay updated and evolve your craft.

Vizflex AS

w-w vizflex  (2 of 1).jpg

Making softwareproducts within VR and AR for the construction industry, and want to help people around the world to be able to influence the design of sustainable housing with good solutions for those who will live there. Seeking COO with the following skills:

A facilitating leader who brings out the best in developers, designers and sellers
– Humble and ambitious (!)
Ability to communicate with customers and partners to find win-win solutions
Systematic and tidy
– Willing to take risks

– Technical management skills
– Good economic understanding
– Experience with development processes
– Good written and oral dissertation in Norwegian and English
– Project experience

Searis AS


Build Clarify to improve the way people collaborate and use data to solve problems and find new innovation opportunities. Clarify takes care of the heavy lifting and routine work of collecting, organising and visualising complex industrial data – so people can focus on applying their expertise and collaborate to improve. Seeking Frontend developer, Backend developer, and iOS developer with the following skills:

– You challenge yourself and others – in a positive way.
– You’re a team player, but self driven.
– You care for details and the bigger picture.
– You care for making the complex understandable.
– You are able to see what needs to be done and prioritise work

– You care for your craft and quality code.
– You stay updated and evolve your craft.
– You see opportunities and have the necessary skills/experience to build your vision.
– You get things done.
– You appreciate complex problems and finding the appropriate level of abstraction to solve them.

Tiles Technology


Design and engineering of disruptive physical computer interfaces with applications in banking, healthcare and education. Seeking Co-founder with the following skills:

– Curiosity
– Willingness to learn
– Passion for technology and challenges
– Team worker

– Entrepreneurship
– Business planning
– Product management
– Networking skills
– Public speaking
– Experience in fintech, and Internet of Things (optional)




Havelock is making a autonomous valve to make drilling both safer and faster. The technology can contribute to significantly reduced downtime in offshore drilling operations and the project has strong support from industry and good business partners. The first full prototype prototype will be tested on Ullrigg in May, and the next step in the development is to create a prototype to be tested in a well under realistic conditions. Seeking a Cybernetician with the following skills:

– Self going
– Structured
– Want to work in an innovative environment
– Teamplayer
– Assertive

– Interested in technology and autonomous systems
Mathematical modeling and simulation
Good programming skills
Control systems and instrumentation
– Strong both practical and theoretical




Flare is a personal safety app that lets users help or get help from other nearby people in emergencies and unsafe situations – it is a digital flare. The goal is to create a network of people who watch out for each other and help each other when needed, thus creating a safer world for all. Seeking Intern with the following skills:

– Disciplined
– Problem-solving
– Communicative
– Positive
– Open-minded

– iOS development
– Android development
– Web development
– Data science
– Artificial Intelligence

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