Get things done during summer

All dressed up, but nowhere to go? We know that summer in the startup-world (and specially in Trondheim) can be quiet, so we made a list of things to do while you hear the coffee brewing… Slowly.



The time is upon us, and we all have some cleaning to do. When you have a spare moment, check your email inbox and delete what you don’t need anymore. Clean your newsletter list, and make sure that all of your clients know what kind of information you are keeping, and why.

2: Strategy

Summer is a great time to find a strategy for the rest of 2018. What are you doing with SoMe? When are you planning on doing a shareholder meeting? Do your partners need any attention? There is a lot going on with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, a mental update is always a good idea. You can find a lot of free webinars simply by googleing.

3: Marketing material

When you have the time: general photos and videos that can be used for marketing purposes is a good way to prepare for buzzy times. Planning on having an event? Film some people having fun. Want to make an announcement? Take a photo of the main person(s) in a natural setting. Want to increase sales? Take some good stock-photos to make your posts look pro.

4: FIX

For 99% of us, there is always something that needs fixing. If your desk or lunch-table is a little wobbly, fix it. Maybe the sink is kinda clogged, the plants are kinda dead, the printer is out of toner, the wall has some marks… You know what to do.

5: Plan

What kind of events are you planning on attending this fall? Any big conference coming up?  This is the perfect time to update your calendar. We have a few pretty sweet tips for you here.


Last but not least, team DIGS wishes you all a great summer! ♥

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