A Flare of safety

Founders Stian Sandø, Svein Grimholt and Jørgen Svennevik Notland. Photo: Frode Hansen/VG

In June DIGS member Flare launched a beta version of their safety app. At Startupmatcher they are now looking for several new team members. We had a chat with CEO Svein Grimholt about the future for the startup.

When looking for new team members, it seems like a big jump to get four new people in? (Web Developer, iOS Developer, Androiud Developer, Data Scientist)

– We are not looking for a specific number of people, but want to talk to potential interns / employees to get the option to expand if it’s a good match. From now on it’s important for us to focus on development, marketing and sales. Being able to fix bugs/expand the service fast based on userfeedback at the same time as we’re working on marketing and sales will most likely mean that we have to expand the team at some point.

Your field of business got some extra attention after this story. What do you think about that?

– The fact that we are more people working on this is a good thing, it contributes to set more light on the issue. The more people working on it, the closer we’ll come to a solution.

A new version of the app was just launched. What does this mean to you?

– With the app launched on iOS we are one step closer to a community where we look out for each other, and makes everyone safe. We are continously working on improvements based on userfeedback, at the same time as we are developing a version for Android. After the launch we will focus all in on marketing with the buddy program (fadderuken) as the first goal.

What’s next?

– Our goal is to build the user base of Flare, to use this as a platform to develop new products and services. Lately we have had really exciting meetings with some major companies who is interested in cooperating/using the Flare technology. I can’t disclose any details now, but hopefully we can come back with some good news in not too long.


We are looking forward to more good news!

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