Looking for something you can’t find here? Get in touch at contact@digs.no

What is DIGS?

– DIGS is a coworking space and an event venue. Here you can rent an office-space for work, and host / attend events. About 50 startups with 100 people have access to our premises. The word DIGS means work place and living space. Read more here.

How do I become a member?

– To become a member you must send an application. See the different kinds of membership here. You will recieve more information as soon as your application is reviewed.

Can I rent a meeting room / event room without being a member?

– Yes. Send a request throught our booking form. You can see photos and find more information here.

What kind of startups are members at DIGS?

– DIGS is home for all sorts of  startups, but many of them work within technology. Se our members here.

Do you have a makerspace?

– We did have a makerspace earlier, but not anymore. Now we have a small prototype workshop that members can use by request.

Where can I find the next events?

– All roads lead to Rome. You can check our event calender, our facebook page, or sign up to our newsletter.

How is DIGS funded?

– We have great support from our partners DNB, TrønderEnergi and Trondheim kommune.

Can I see the office space before I apply?

– We have an open tour every Friday at 3:30 pm. Starting point is Habitat, just let the bar know you are there for the tour.

Is Habitat and DIGS the same thing?

– No. Habitat is a different company, but we share the event space. We collaborate often, and most of our events get their food & drinks from Habitat.