Main partners




DNB has supported DIGS for several years. They have many interesting programmes and projects where they share their knowledge and support entrepreneurs that want to create their own startup. DNB want to create value for their customers.


TrønderEnergi has worked with renewable business for generations. They were pioneers when the Norwegian water power systems was build 100 years ago. As proud owners of Norways oldest wind power park they are now investing in the largest land based wind power project in Europe.

TrønderEnergi is dedicated to accelerate and support the commercialisation and development of new and smarter technologies, products and services in the renewable energy value chain. Their own pilot projects today are based upon the future growth of renewable communities within solar power, energy storage, micro grids and hydrogen value chain development. In addition to this they want to accelerate the growth of startups and new industry. That is the reason why they have been engaged in DIGS from the very beginning.


Other partners, good friends and supporters

Arntzen de Besche
EGGS Design
Experis Norway
Innovasjon Norge
NTNU Accel
NTNU Brigde
SpareBank1 Regnskapshuset SMN
Trondheim kommune


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